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Rod last finished his run of Broadway's RING OF FIRE in April, '06 and since has moved on to his life-long passion of film production, story-telling, and cinematography. You can see some of Rod's recents works here:

Sir REEL Vimeo Channel

Just prior to Rod's Ring of Fire Broadway run, he toured for nearly 2-1/2 years with theU.S. Tour of MAMMA MIA . As well he toured as a lead singer for Trans Siberian Orchestra for 3 seasons, and played the lead role in the 1st National Tour of the Broadway show The Full Monty

Check out Rod's original filmmaking ventures that started it all:
gracklefilm.com and MiraTheFilm.com.
As well as Rod's Video Production Website (under construction): Sir-REEL.com

Visit the: Unofficial Rod Weber Website

You may also email Rod at: rod@rodweber.com